I love what i do

You long for rejuvenating strength and energy....

My sensual body to body massage will satisfy both your mind and soul. Let yourself be enchanted by my Brazilian temperament and bring you back to life.


******  Holiday until  26.3.2019   ******


I am a very attractive and sporty Brazilian in my early 30 with beautiful sensual curves.

Always i treat my clients with highest respect, discretion and attention and don't expect anything less in return.


The human body is my great passion - through my skillful massages strokes and my natural passion and pleasure in the play of the sense. I will give you an unforgettable and unique experience.

You stand particular for: generosity and elegance as a gentlemen and your need for well-being and health.


My private massage studio is in a discreet ,modern and clean. 


Cara, for Hot Oil-Body-Massage


Name:               Cara

Tel und SMS:  079 837 50 03


When I can not remove the Tel, please send me a SMS.

I am writing you back .....


Forchstrasse,  8008 Zürich


Monday to Sunday,  start at 10.00 Clock


I like to do my  massages with hot oil